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Baptist Church
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Sunday School                                                9:00   AM
Sunday Morning Devotion                             10:45  AM
Sunday  Morning  Worship                            11:00  AM
Wednesday Morning Bible Study                  11:00  AM
Wednesday Evening Bible Study                    6:00  PM

Our Mission Statement:

All praises to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  Here at Greater Harvest   
Missionary Baptist Church, we strive to share the "Word" with you and
help those in need of a blessing by expounding His message and
studying the Bible.  We are true believers of the Bible and invite you
to join us as we explore the work of God.  Our mission is to be a
beacon in the community where all can fellowship and praise
Our early history (1953-1955):
On May 6, 1953, at the home of the late Deacon Tyree and Mother (Emma) Jones, 2529 Jarman Street,
Muskegon Heights, MI, several brothers and sisters met for the purpose of discussing establishing a
new church in which to worship.  Soon, the number had grown to thirteen, and at a second meeting,
five prospective church names were suggested.  From this meeting, the name Greater Harvest
Missionary Baptist Church (Gathering of the children of God), was decided on and Reverend Clayborne
Casey was elected Pastor.

As the number of interested people grew, it became necessary to secure larger quarters (The
Reynolds Memorial Chapel) to hold additional meetings.  More people came, and still another place had
to be acquired, this being the Phillip Chapel A.M.E. Church which served until the official organizational
meeting held July 5, 1953 at which time Rev. Isiah G. Kirksey (moderator and pastor of Spring Street
Baptist Church), assisted by Rev. Tolliver, helped oversee the formation of the Greater Harvest
Missionary Baptist Church.

The next meeting was for the purpose of appointing and electing officers and establishing auxiliaries.  
The Deacon Board was established with the following: Robert Price, Tyree Jones, John Dean, Louie
Anderson, Eldred Brooks, and Rueben Burton.  The Trustee Board consisted of Willie Coleman, Roy
Ford, and Charlie Jackson.  Sister Marie Ball was selected Church Secretary and Sister Mymia
Robinson was selected Financial Secretary.  Others appointed were: John Dean (Sunday School
Superintendent); Marie Kendrick (B.T,U. Advisor); Bessie McLeod, (Usher Board and Missions); Evalina
Sain, (Church Announcer); Claudia Johnson, (Publicity Spokesperson); and Louise Smith, Pianist.

On August 4, 1953, the first church business meeting was held where plans were made to raise funds
to secure a building to hold regular services.  A series of plans were carried out and soon a building at
2429 Riordan Street became the Greater Harvest Missionary Baptist Church for twelve months.  During
this time (1954), the Male Chorus was organized by Rev. Casey and Brother Benjamin Jones.  The
building suffered great damage and the foundation was decayed so it was necessary to seek a
temporary meeting place again, which was the Fairview Center.  Through volunteered services from
the men of the church, a new worship center was completed and on Easter Sunday, 1955, the members
of Greater Harvest Missionary Baptist Church once again entered into their new house of worship.
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We're celebrating  57 Years of service to our community.  We invite you to come share
in our weekly services and special events also.  Our pastor,
Reverend Christopher J. Murry welcomes all to come and be blessed.
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